Home – A Place Of One’s Own

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World Animal Day October 4, 2020


On this day, I want to share my experience as a first-time pet (Indian) grandparent. It will soon be one year to this great event in my life and I do feel like I have enough hindsight now, to describe the evolution in my thinking.

My husband and I grew up in strict vegetarian families. There was a general aversion to animals and their supposed uncleanliness – an unfounded, but strong belief. Unfounded because these ideas were certainly not from experience -most people we knew had no pets. And strong because, hey parents have to have strong beliefs about everything in our child’s presence, don’t we? It is so important for us to be the ones who have all the answers, It is so difficult for us to own up to the fact that we don’t know everything and are often stumped in the face of life events ourselves. So…

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What does writing mean for you?

Why do you find yourself putting paper to pen, time and again? Why do you pour over pages and pages of words? Arranging and rearranging them, to have them come closer to what you mean, bridging the proverbial gap between what is in your mind and what is on paper? Why do you wake up …

America Will Be Ok

I can vividly recall the day of the 2016 elections. I was so excited about the possibility of the US's first female President. With friends and family, I had spent weeks talking about how Donald Trump didn't stand a chance. There were innumerable Trump memes that we laughed at and gleefully circulated. On election day, …